Everything you want to know about Zouk in Munich
Do I need a dance partner to attend classes or workshops?

No. Zouk is a social dance and nobody here has a fixed dance partner. We are rotating partners during all events regularly, so everyone can dance and people get to know different styles of leading and following.

Are there enough Leaders?

Yes! Interestingly in the Munich Zouk Community we have a good ratio of men and women / leaders and followers. Also we are changing partners often, so nobody has to wait for a dance partner too long.

I have never danced before. Whats the best way to start?

Starting with the beginners class or coming to our practise party are the best options for sure. You can start anytime.
Workshops with artists from abroad usually offer beginner-friendly content. You will find all the details in the event description (mostly on Facebook)

What about me having problems with my spine / back? Is Zouk the right thing for me?

Zouk requires the whole body, also the back. All of our teachers place great emphasis on the correct and safe execution of the movements. This prevents injuries from dancing. Most Zouk dancers even experience a significant improvement of their back problems through Zouk!

What to wear?

For lessons, workshops and even the dance parties, most of us like to wear comfortable sportswear. You move a lot in Zouk and you also start sweating quickly.

Women should definitely avoid tight skirts, because they restrict the freedom of movement in the legs too much.

High heels are also absolutely unsuitable for Zouk beginners. Zouk uses a lot of foot movements. Flat shoes with soft and flexible soles are most recommended. Even longtime Zouk lovers often wear comfortable, flat shoes.

Do you have more questions?

Join our Facebook group to follow us and ask right whatever you want to know about Zouk in Munich.

We’re always happy to help!

You can't wait?

…to start dancing Zouk, meeting us at the next party or getting into the special “Zouk-Flow”?

Take a look at our selection of Zouk music and videos! 

Join Zouk classes and Parties in Munich



20:00 - 21:30 Zouk Classes + Party afterwards
by Munich latin dance academy

Anglerstr. 6, Tanzstudio Rebecca, 3rd floor, White Studio


18:00 - 20:00 Open Training
(no class, just "time and floor" - join us to improve your dance)

by Zouk Munich Community
Studio Rebecca
Anglerstr. 6
close to U-Bahn Heimeranplatz



15:00 - 19:00 Zouk Tea Time

Open get together with zouk dancing by Zouk munich Community
Pinakothek der Moderne -outdoor