Zouk in Germany

Find more Zouk in Bavaria and Germany

More Zouk in Bavaria...

Zouk is a young dance and as such not too well known.
So it’s important to connect and support other communities all over the country, and the world.


We can connect you

If you want to dance Zouk in other cities in Bavaria, we are in contact with people in other cities, so you can start a Zouk community.

We also know some people in Ingolstadt, Ulm, Deggendorf, Passau, and Bamberg!


Nuremberg / Erlangen / Fürth



... and in Germany

Zouk in Germany started in Bremen and grew huge there, but other cities like Berlin and Bonn are very active, too.

And for sure, there is more in Germany. Sometimes Zouk is integrated into the Forró or Samba communities.


Ludwigshaven / Mannheim / Heidelberg

Erfurt / Ilmenau / Jena


Zouk Festivals and Congresses around Europe

The best way to learn Brazilian Zouk is to visit festivals and congresses.
You can dance with a lot of people, get to know different styles and concepts and learn from the best Zouk teachers of this galaxy!
As these events get updated regularly, here is a link to a facebook group that lists (nearly) all of them.

Join Brazilian Zouk classes and Parties in Munich City

Schedule - regular Zouk classes and parties


17:30 - 18:40 Zouk Class Beginner
18:40 - 19:50 Zouk Class Improver
by Andrius and Sigrid

Anglerstr. 6, Tanzstudio Rebecca, Studio Orange (left entrance,1st floor)


20:00 - 21:30 Zouk Class Intermediate
21:30 - 23:30 Zouk Social
by Andrius and Sigrid

Anglerstr. 6, Tanzstudio Rebecca, White Studio (right entrance, 3rd floor)


20:00 - 21:00 Level 1
21:00 - 22:00 Level 3
by Bailadictos

Anglerstr. 6, Tanzstudio Rebecca, White Studio (right entrance, 3rd floor)


15:30 - approx. 18:00 Zouk Tea Time Outdoor Social


For a complete and up-to-date Calendar: check our NEWS page